Spicy Jsus
Poster for a New York band: Spicy Jsus(登登等等).

Formed in 2016, Flushing, Queens. This NK Style Comedy Rock group has a very interesting approach to their music, Frontman LoWang is always considered crazy on stage. He’s never shy with his opinion, sings with incredible gusto, and has the stage presence of a tornado. As he grew up in Mainland China, he injected his own special sense of humor into his performances, blending a wide range of musical styles from rock to metal to RnB and HipHop. Despite the irreverent disdain for political correctness and the crazy K-pop/J-pop/hip-hop influences, the band’s iconic tone and performance style is always the highlight of any show. This band has never properly promoted itself overseas, and was only scheduled to perform once a year abroad. As an ambassador of music and peace, their positive and humorous imagery amazed and impressed all kinds of people around them, earning them a cult following.

At live concert

Jie Ren 2019 — New York